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Hamilton Ventilator

Pictured; Alisa Coquet (RIH Foundation) and Sean Adams ( RIH Hart team member) with the Hamilton Ventilator purchased by TB Vets

 Royal Inland Hospital is home to one of Interior Health’s High Acuity Response Team (HART), a ground-based patient transportation model that involves both BC Ambulance Service and Interior Health. Specially-trained RIH nurses and respiratory therapists are members of the HART team who provide patient care during the transfer of patients from rural sites to higher level facilities like RIH. This service ensures high standards of care for any high acuity patient transfer in our region. Last year, the TB Vets Charitable Foundation was approached to assist with the purchase of a new ventilator for the HART program. The old ventilator was old, obsolete and a replacement was urgently needed to ensure patients could be safely transferred by the HART team. TB Vets generously provided funding to help support the purchase of a new Hamilton T1 ventilator which is specially designed for intensive transport ventilation for patients ranging from infants to adults who require help breathing. It is small enough to fit into any mobile ICU environment and ensures the most appropriate treatment and optimum care for every patient. This intensive care ventilator has built-in batteries and an ultra-quiet turbine which allows it to operate independently of central gas or power supplies. The ventilator is now in use on a daily basis in the Kamloops region and can also be accessed by the RIH Emergency Department for patients experiencing respiratory difficulty when it’s not being used for patient transports. The RIH Foundation is grateful to TB Vets for their commitment to supporting critical life-saving medical equipment throughout BC. Over the past 25 years, TB Vets has donated over $442,000 to our local hospital for respiratory equipment. TB Vets also supports medical respiratory research and education for respiratory therapists. Thank you TB Vets for providing patients in our community and surrounding region with access to life-saving respiratory equipment!

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