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Mr. & Mrs. Lyle and Trudi Backman

Dr. Robert N. Baker

Ed and Dianne Barker

Arlene Bourassa

Mo and Evelyn Bradley

Howard and Freda Brown

Donna Chang

Bernie and Laura Christiansen

Craig and Diane Coleman

Bruno (Bob) Comazzetto

Harvey and Barbara Comazzetto

Craig and Sandy Cook

Fernando Cupello

Robert and Calla Dunn

John and Darlene Forrester

Bruce and Susan Goddard

Dr. G. Basavana and Shankaramma Gowd

Allan and Marilyn Husted

Dr. Maureen Leia-Stephen

Ken Lepin

Chris and Ginny Lewis

Robin and Maureen MacDonald

Bill Motiuk

Stephen and Rose Muir

Karen Mulhern

Anthony Muzzillo and Evelina Coschizza

Claire Muzzillo

Rae F. Nixon

Graham Noble

Wendy and Gerald Patrick

Hubert and Gloria Plante

Ward Reddick

Lorraine C. Romanin

Navy Sahota

Audrey Saigeon

Louise Smith

Dr. Jim Stephen

Nickolaus Weiser

Dr. Cornel and Hema Wijeyesinghe

Gayle and Ken Wou

Jim and Sharna Yates

Fred and Brenda Young